Commendations or Complaints
The best way to commend the actions of a police employee is to write a brief letter (or e-mail) describing the incident and the actions you think were exceptional.  Information such as the date, time and   location will help identify the employee if you do not know his or her name.  If you choose not to write, you may ask to speak with the employee’s supervisor and make a verbal commendation.  Commendations received by the Chief of Police are forwarded to the employee and his or her  personnel file. Although employees do not expect to be thanked for everything they do, recognition of exceptional service is always appreciated.
An inquiry or complaint may be made at any time; however, complaints should be made within a reasonable time after the alleged misconduct occurred to help ensure evidence is still available and recollections of the incident are fresh. To file a complaint, you may contact our office at (843) 248-1790 and ask to speak with a Watch Commander.  After the complaint has been received, you will be contacted by a Department supervisor.  The complaint review procedure is not intended to resolve or mitigate issues surrounding traffic citations or arrest for which criminal charges have been issued; such matters are to be resolved through the judicial system.  More Information.