The River-Friendly Business Program, established by the City of Conway’s Water Quality & Drainage Commission (WQDC) with support from the Coastal Waccamaw Stormwater Education Consortium, is a voluntary initiative offered free of charge to businesses within the City of Conway. The mission of the program is to: 1) Help reduce negative environmental and economic impacts on the Waccamaw River and local community and 2) Publically recognize each business for their commitment to the program. The three areas of certification (i.e., categories) include: Water Quality, Waste Reduction and Recycling, and Energy/Resource Efficiency.


Benefits to Participating Businesses

Businesses and community members alike, it is all of our responsibility to take an active role in helping to protect the health of our natural resources that we depend on here in beautiful Conway. To publically recognize the environmentally-friendly efforts of our local businesses, certified River-Friendly Business members will be presented with:

  • Attractive program certificate
  • Window decal to display for customer/client viewing
  • Acknowledgement by the City of Conway’s Chamber of Commerce
  • Recognition on the City of Conway’s website and access TV channel, along with the Chamber of Commerce and Coastal Waccamaw Stormwater Education Consortium.



Any business, organization, office, school, or congregation that is located within the City of Conway is welcome to participate!


How It Works

  1. Submit a completed application, indicating your business’ river-friendly activities currently undertaken. NOTE: Each activity listed under the three areas of certification has an associated point-value. In order to become certified by the River-Friendly Business Program, establishments must be currently participating in the activities and achieve a minimum of 40 total points. This may be accomplished within a single certification area or a combination of multiple areas. Businesses have the opportunity to also indicate any program goals (i.e., activities that they wish to participate in the future) that they may have on the application.
  2. Establish in-house River-Friendly Business representative(s). The role of this individual(s) is to help ensure that the business is meeting its river-friendly program goals and serve as a point of contact for the WQDC.
  3. Actively sustain and/or work towards achieving your business’ river-friendly activities.
  4. A WQDC member or program representative will review the application to confirm the business’ areas of achievement and present their certification as a River-Friendly Business.
  5. Be available for a check-in from a representative of the WQDC every 2-years to confirm business’ status of engagement in the program and receive continued recognition.


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