Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of obtaining water, sewer or water and sewer from the City of Conway?

Do I have to annex into the City to receive water or sewer from the City of Conway.

Do I have to pay all of the fees for water and sewer upfront or can I finance some of the cost?

After paying fees for new water and sewer services, what is the wait time for these services to be installed?

What is the wait time for water or sewer repairs after a complaint is called in?

Where does the City's responsibility end and the customer's begin for water lines?

Who is responsible for installing sewer clean outs on existing sewer services?

Why does my grinder station alarm keep going off?

Why can't you rod the sewer line under my house?

If my meter is being read every month, why is there grass and dirt all over the meter?

What is a backflow preventer and why do I need one?

Who do I contact about a sewer back up/sewer clean up?