Frequently Asked Questions

My bill is really high this month.  Is it possible I have a leak?

I made a payment.  When will my services be reconnected?

What time will the services be turned on at my new residence?

What is the billing cycle and how long do I have to pay my bill?

How do I sign up for Paperless Billing?

Can I pay my bill online or by phone?

Can I have my utility bill paid automatically out of my bank account each month?

Is there a fee for requesting new service?

What do I do if my services are interrupted for nonpayment?

Do I need to stop my utilities account when I move away?

Why am I being charged a late fee and how is it calculated?

What happens if my payment is returned by the bank?

Can I get an adjustment to my water bill if I had a leak on my property?

Who can I contact for questions not answered here?

Why haven't I received my bill?