Flooding Update in the City of Conway

  1. FLOODING UPDATE: Portions of Riverfront Park are currently closed due to flooding. The boat ramp beside the Conway Marina is also closed at this time. You can find photos of that flooding here.  Waccamaw River Park is also closed due to flooding. As a reminder, our riverfront parks are designed to flood for the most part. Public lands flooding help to protect private property and residential homes. After Hurricane Florence, changes were made to electrical service boxes in Riverfront Park to make them easily removable should flood waters get close to them. As a precautionary measure, those boxes were removed this week. The new playground in Riverfront Park is also closed at this time. Flood waters have not touched the playground. However, it was closed earlier this week to protect the new surface from the water that surrounds it. That playground was also designed to withstand the flood waters. However, since the ground surface of the new playground has not completely cured, staff closed it to prevent any possible damage. As of right now, Depot Road is the only road in the City of Conway that is closed due to flooding.