Seeking Artist for For Future Public Art Commissions

The City of Conway is seeking qualifications for future public art commissions in the City of Conway.

The City of Conway is inviting artists and artist teams to submit their qualifications (an RFQ) to be considered for one or more permanent public art commissions.
DUE DATE: Thursday, May 5, 2022 @ 3:00pm 

Consistent with the City’s downtown master plan and long-term strategic vision (https://www, the City of conway has been focused on public art projects, specifically murals. They enliven where we work and live,helps boost foot traffic for businesses, and adds color to areas that often go unnoticed. They are also inclusive – anyone can stop and enjoy public art at any time.

Conway plans to continue to advance public art across the City, and enhance the impact for the benefit of both residents and visitors. This could include murals sculptures, memorials, mosaics, integrated architecture or landscape architectural work, painting of crosswalks, etc.

To see the full Request for Qualifications and information on how to submit: CLICK HERE