City Awarded Grant to Help Remove Litter from Waterway

CONWAY, SC (June 23, 2022) - The City of Conway has been awarded a grant by PalmettoPride to install a WaterGoat to help remove litter from the Crabtree Canal. PalmettoPride, South Carolina's anti-litter organization, recently announced the special grants to fund 25 WaterGoats across South Carolina. 

WaterGoats are designed for small waterways like streams and canals to stop debris from flowing waters. The WaterGoat system is created for each specific location to best collect debris. 

Why is it called a WaterGoat? Similar to how goats eat everything in their path, so will the WaterGoat system collect all debris that flows in its direction.

What is a WaterGoat? The WaterGoat recently installed in Conway on the Crabtree Canal, is a 70 foot floating net system that allows water to continuously flow while collecting litter. The WaterGoat system remains mostly at the surface, sinking only to a depth of about 18 inches. The system doesn't interact with the seabed. The system uses buoys to stay on the surface, however, kayaks or small watercraft can easily travel over the top by being careful not to get paddles or motors caught in the netting. The WaterGoat is engineered to raise and lower with rapidly fluctuating water levels, and even has an attachment designed to break loose during a catastrophic rain event. 

Volunteers, like our members from Keep Conway Beautiful, will be able to easily collect the trapped litter from the WaterGoat. 

"The Waccamaw River is one of our proudest assets we must protect, thanks to PalmettoPride and WaterGoat, this is a great solution to help stop litter from entering our river." says Adam Emrick, Conway City Administrator.

The WaterGoat has now been installed and can be seen from the Crabtree Greenway at Long Avenue.

Information was provided by WaterGoat - you can find more about their products HERE

Read the full press release from PalmettoPride HERE.