Important Recycling Update for City of Conway Solid Waste Customers

Important Recycling Update for City of Conway Solid Waste Customers 
Starting July 1, 2024, the City of Conway Solid Waste is making a change to recycle pickup. We're upgrading our recycling collection trucks for more efficient collection.
As part of this improvement, we will be discontinuing the use of small green rectangular recycle bins. Our new trucks are equipped with advanced technology, and unfortunately, the small bins won't be compatible with the dumping process.
Thanks to a generous grant from Horry County Solid Waste Authority, you can receive a free, new recycling cart - while supplies last! These spacious blue carts are designed to make recycling even easier for you.
If you're a City of Conway Solid Waste customer who hasn't received a blue recycle rollout cart before, now's your chance! Reach out to the city's utility billing department, and we'll make sure you get set up with your very own cart while supplies last. Call (843)248.1780 or visit 1000 Second Avenue. Recycle carts are also available for purchase. 
Let's continue working together to keep Conway clean and green!