City of Conway Water Service Line Survey

water service line survey
City of Conway Water Service Line Survey

CONWAY, SC (March xx, 2024) The City of Conway needs the community’s help to complete an inventory of all private water service line pipes connected to the public water system.

Check your home or business for the type of service line pipe. Then please complete the City’s online Lead Service Line Survey to inform us of the material of the water service line coming into your property. 

The City has provided information on how and where to check your service line material on the City’s website.

Why does the City of Conway need information about the water service pipe material in my home?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) first established a lead and copper rule in 1991 to help reduce exposure and associated health effects from lead in drinking water. EPA revised the rule in 2021, requiring action by water service providers across the country. All water utilities are required to determine where lead pipes exist in their systems, including the pipes on the customer side that connect to the public system.

The City of Conway has an inventory of our underground public infrastructure, which helps us manage maintenance and prioritization of repair and replacement of pipes. We need the cooperation of our customers to help us complete the inventory, showing all private side connections and pipe materials.

The information provided will help the City meet these new regulatory requirements.

For more information on the survey and Conway’s water quality information, visit the City’s website, go to departments, click on “Public Utilities.” If you have questions, please call us at (843)488.1770.