City of Conway Honors Legacy of Lt. Odell Cochran

Family, friends, and co-workers commemorated the legacy of Odell Cochran, who dedicated 38 years of his life in service to our community.

The City recently unveiled the name of the Conway Police Department, South Carolina Downtown Operation Center in honor of this remarkable individual. Odell's impact on our lives and the City of Conway is undeniable. Many of us who had the privilege of working alongside him can attest to his unwavering influence and dedication to serving the public.

Starting his journey with the Conway Police Department on January 26, 1978, Odell's commitment shone through, earning him the title of Policeman of the Year in 1979 and later, Public Safety Employee of the Year in 2000. His leadership as a Lieutenant on the Command Staff left an indelible mark on our department.

Even after retiring in 2003, Odell's passion for serving his community couldn't be contained. Returning to duty a month later, he continued to mentor and coach new officers, embodying the true essence of community policing. His daily interactions within our Housing Authority owned communities set the standard for how to treat people and serve with compassion.

The City of Conway's Lt. Odell Cochran Downtown Operations Center will honor Odell Cochran's enduring legacy and the impact he's made on all of us.
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